Managing your financial future. Today.

“I need to get my finances in order.” It’s a quote we hear all the time from both individuals and small-business owners in Kansas City as well as across the country. But ensuring your financial future or that of your family or your employees doesn’t happen by putting it off. That’s where Great Plains comes in.

Our asset, pension and trust management services will put you on the road to financial security using strategies tailored to your specific goals; no one else’s. And with a full-spectrum offering of other services, you can count on Great Plains for a number of professional practices, including:

  • Investments
  • Estates
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Retirement Plans
  • Foundations

With all Great Plains services, you get the kind of knowledge and financial savvy that only comes from more than 25 years of experience. And with personalized service from our dedicated team of experts, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing there’s not just an employee working for you. There’s a partner.

Individual Asset Management

Great Plains Trust Company was founded to provide trusted, expert investment management services to high net worth individuals and their businesses. With a culture rooted in detail oriented, personalized service, we work to turn your financial intentions into actions.

Great Plains Trust Company is equipped to provide a full spectrum of investment strategies ranging from a conservative current income approach to an aggressive capital appreciation approach. Once selected, the investment strategy will be implemented by Great Plains Trust Company. Each investment management client is kept informed of his or her account activity through periodic statements and regularly scheduled meetings with a representative to review investment performance and any necessary modifications to his or her investment strategy.

Personal Trust Services

Great Plains Trust Company can be named as trustee or co-trustee of your trust. Our representatives will work closely with your legal and tax advisors to ensure your financial affairs will be properly managed in the event of your incapacity or death. Our commitment to administering your trust and estate plan efficiently will provide you peace of mind. If you are utilizing a living trust and serving as the trustee, upon your death or incapacity Great Plains Trust Company can serve as your successor trustee. If you decide to select a family member or another individual to serve as co-trustee, we will work closely with them for professional administration and management of the trust assets.

Qualified Retirement Plans 

401(k), Profit Sharing, Defined Benefit, and Cash Balance Plans

Great Plains Trust Company offers services for all types of defined contribution and defined benefit pension plans. Plan types range from SEPs and SIMPLEs to complete turnkey 401(k) Plans. Services to Plan Sponsors are:

  • Plan Design
  • Investment Management
  • Employee Education and Communication

Our representatives place significant emphasis on quality and timely plan administration. We will also work diligently with your third party administrator to help ensure your company obtains such results. Great Plains Trust Company offers a high degree of investment flexibility. Qualified Retirement Plan investment options include a menu of daily valued public mutual funds, both active and passive as well as individually managed portfolios (these accounts hold individual stocks and bonds).

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