The years will add up. How about your balance?

Retirement can sneak up on you in a hurry. Fortunately, Great Plains offers a host of pension management solutions designed for individuals and business owners in Kansas City and across the United States. Our retirement plans include 401(k), profit sharing, defined benefit and cash balance plans. And our investment options are maximized for diversity and strong growth through a menu of daily valued public mutual funds or individually managed portfolios.

Rollover IRA

Whether you’re changing jobs or retiring, our advisors can assist you in keeping your assets growing. One of those ways is to roll over your IRA to take advantage of tax savings.


The Advantages of a Rollover IRA

  • Allows control of your retirement assets
  • Offers a wide range of investment options
  • Provides tax-deferred savings and avoids penalties and taxes associated with taking a distribution.

Contact Great Plains at 1-888-529-2776 for more information on how a Rollover IRA can help you reach your retirement goals by avoiding possible taxes and penalties associated with a distribution from your employer's retirement plan.

Taking a distribution from your employer-sponsored retirement plan can result in a 10% penalty and 20% withholding for pre-payment of federal taxes. See the chart below for an example of how a Rollover IRA can help you avoid unnecessary tax payments.

With a Direct Rollover IRA
Plan distribution$100,000
Total rolled over into an IRA$100,000
Without a Rollover IRA
Plan distribution$100,000
After-tax distribution$70,000

*20% Tax bracket applied