Don’t just think about your future.
Plan for it.

Whether your retirement is just around the corner or decades away, Great Plains can help make a plan for a successful, enjoyable life when your working days are over. We’ll work with you to get to know your goals, timeline and overall financial picture. That way, you’re not just securing your future – you’re cementing your legacy for generations that follow.

In addition, Great Plains offers a high degree of investment experience, expertise and flexibility. Investment options include individually managed portfolios and Great Plains Funds. Kornitzer Capital Management, Inc. (KCM) serves as our investment advisor. They offer broad diversification, low expenses and a history of strong relative performance.

Protect and transition your legacy

When it comes time to handle the details of administering your trust or will, Great Plains will be there, ensuring that your estate is handled privately, with continuity of investment management and protection of beneficiaries. Great Plains can be named as trustee, co-trustee or successor trustee of your trust. When we serve as trustee, trust assets may be invested in individual securities. If you decide to select a family member or another individual to serve as co-trustee, we will work closely with that person to provide professional management of the trust assets. If you are utilizing a revocable living trust and serving as the trustee, Great Plains can serve as your successor trustee upon your death or incapacity.

Consolidate assets

Having Great Plains as your single point of contact simplifies handling your investments, coordinating accounts and answering questions. We will administer and serve as custodian of your assets, offering safekeeping, record-keeping and accounting for all your investments.